CTX Semester Final Reflection

This will be my last post for the subject of CTX. I am quite sad because, in the end, we are all going to go our own separate ways. When I decided to choose design as my target, my parents disagreed at first because they wanted me to study business and they considered me will change the another course in the end because I am not in patience for everything. I agreed with the way they said because when I do not have patience I will give up easily. However, I want to tell them I am becoming more patience than before without giving up. I didn’t give up in the end because I really enjoyed with a busy life. I felt happy every time I have done with my assignments.

People kept thinking our FID course is easy and those students who get A were not supposed to go to FID course because they considered the design is useless which could not help them to have a bright future and they should have the best choice for them to study except design. But, I wanted to tell them that everyone has their own choice, nobody can control them. If other people force you to choose others course which you don’t like it, do you feel happy? If it was me,  I will not be happy for my entire life because I am not interested with others except design. I am so proud to be a FID student because I learned a lot of things, I had learned how to do a catapult, innovate kinetic mural (stickman), do printmaking, drawing, build a hornbill bird using PVC pipe, build a panda using metal wire, make a video and others. Everything is not easy but we did it! Although it is tiring and stressful sometimes we enjoyed it.  We feel tired, when we have a lot of assignment which needs to spend a long time to do, there is no time for us to rest. We feel stressful when we have no clue on what we should do for next. This is how self-exploration obtained.

During the entire course, I am improving to be independent and confident. I experienced new things that I never experienced before. I learn a lot of new things about myself which I never had before.

I learned to be acceptance. Acceptable, when there is a lot of assignment which is tiring, exhausting, and stress that makes me feel want to give up for sometimes but I tried to accept it because no pain no gained. Without suffering,  how we are going to survive in complicated society?

I learned to be patience. Patient with all things.  I become more patient when I do my assignment. Thanks to my friends who always tell me to try to be patience when I do my assignment. Without patience, you cannot do work efficiently.

I learned to be more communicative. I communicate with my friends in English. During the first day, I am worried about myself because I can’t even speak a whole sentence and my grammar is very weak. I don’t even dare to talk with them because I am so embarrassed with my poor English. But, now, I am so happy because my English is improving which is better than before, I can communicate with my friends.  I know my English still not good enough so I will keep learning English without giving up. I believe I can do it.

I learned to be appreciating. Thanks, all of my lecturers who share a lot of knowledge to me and helps me to understand what is right and wrong. Thanks to all of my friends always help me to improve my English and do correction of my grammar, I know that when all of you read my essay and help me correct the grammar, you guys get suffered for every second moment (LAUGHED) but all of you still willing to help me, trust me with sharing your mind, encourage me that I can do it well  and dare to scold me even I know that is not right. I am really stubborn for sometimes… WELL, OKAY, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Thanks anyway.

I really learned a lot during the semester. I can’t write all that I learned during the semester because there is no enough time for me now, I still have to do my other assignments. The assignments are challenging, however, this is the only way how we grew up without depends on others.  When life becomes difficult, this is how we change ourselves to be stronger.

Thanks for reading my blog


CTX (Week 18)

It had a lot of fun when we were editing the video with cooperation. We keep editing the video to make it funny. All of us do work together in the studio in order to finish editing the video before the submission date. Our teamwork made the process become faster. Prank video still in the progress. Well, I don’t know how to continue my writing, there is nothing much to write because we only need to edit the video for this week then we were done.

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CTX ( Week 15 & 16 )

Well, I will tell about what we did before we start our shooting and who were be the first and second person that we were going to prank. ( Still in the progress) we were doing flower masks for ourselves.


We were doing flower masks for ourselves before we start to shooting.The materials we used were thick papers with differents colors, modeling board, double-sided tape, blade, scissors and also a ruler. We took several hours to finish the masks by teamwork. After we done the masks, we were planning to ask our lecturer, Mr. Charles to meet us by tomorrow for discussion. In fact, we just want to prank him and see what expression he will look like after he sees our art medium. We hide our camera with a different perspective in order to take a nice shot.  The result of making a prank to Mr.Charles is pretty good even this is our first time to make the prank.


We also make a prank to our English Lecturer, Miss Mary. We went to class early and wore the masks in the class to shock her. She was surprising we wore the masks in the class because nobody did that before ( IT IS SO EMBARRASSING).





CTX (Week 13 & 14)

We had discussions of our final video for these weeks. We kept discussing the final video with our lecturer about our ideas. At first, we are planning to take a video on what experience that we had experienced for semester 1 and 2 in foundation design. It quite sad because semester 2 is almost ending. All of us will separate and choose different course when we study degree. Everyone would not be in the same class anymore.So, We don’t want to make our final video become more emotional, we change our idea to become a prank video. We decided to make a prank video including the interview. We are going to interview our lecturer and prank them by using art mediums. I’m pretty sure that it will gonna to have a lot of fun because our lecturers are super funny! They are nice as well. We want to do the prank video that is unexpected and surprise.  We did our proposal for the final video. There are some problems with our final proposal at first. But, we finally solved it. Actually, there is nothing much I can talk because, for the final video, we only had discussions, proposals, share our ideas for this video before we start shooting. I think that’s all? Yea. Thanks for reading my blog.


Today, we had a discussion about the final video, we were giving our suggestion about how we planned to do our final video to our lecturer, Mr. Chales. He gave some suggestions which is interesting to make the video become more funny after he listened our suggestions. All of us like the suggestion he gave. After he left, we think about how to hide the camera in order to prevent people we interviewed discover us…


This week, our lecturer gave us an assignment brief about a final video called ” The Journey thus far”. This video is related to the visual semiotic concept that lecturer has been talked about it before. This assignment is a group assignment, we are dividing into 2 group which have 8 people in a group and 7 people in another group. Before we start our final video, we need to do a proposal for the video. Our group will have a meeting soon to discuss the proposal of the video.



After submitted the assignment. I went back to Sarawak for a week for holidays. I had fun with my family during the holidays. I really felt happy because I had enough time to sleep without thinking of the assignments. This week, Mr. Chales sent the third assignment brief to us. We were told to do the video for the third assignment.

What are the assignments I did and I learned??

For the first assignment was an individual work, I did the Surrealism Essay. I chose the Fantastic Beast for my essay because it has a strong influence of surrealism. I learned to be more attentive because every part of the scenes can become supporting details. I learned to more appreciate because of my friends who helping me to correct my grammar.

The second assignment was a group work, we did the sketches. I learned to be more patient and responsible. To be successful, the patient is always needed. In order to success, I have to learn to be responsible. Thus, it will be easy to trust each other.

The overall, I had learned a lot for these assignments which always challenging me. It is difficult but I did it even that is not good but at least I tried my best. Never give up, Vivian. You can do it.